What is Contakids?


CONTAKIDS is a group that gathers for movement practice, partnering games and play shared between adult and child. No special experience is required. With passion and full presence at play I will be guiding you through your time.  CONTAKIDS is where a deeper and enjoyable form of communication between adult and child is developed.

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Tactility is a fundamental sensory experience of our environment. As children, we discover the world through our physical senses. We have five senses and there is a tendency for senses like vision and hearing to become the dominant channels to our intellect and imagination.

CONTAKIDS invites you to explore your sense of touch and rediscover the skin and body language as one of your greatest communication tools.

CONTAKIDS is unique in it’s offering in remembering children are experts at play.

What parents should know

  • Please arrive 10 minutes earlier for calm landing and bring comfortable clothes for movement.

  • Bring patience. Every child has their own timing to get into play and their place of comfort within a group.

  • Bring presence and curiosity . Try leave expectations and goals at home and make space for discovery.


How does the practice look like?

• Program: 45 minutes practice + 15 minutes free movement and cuddles

• Routine entails warm up for adults, partner games, group and duo dynamics  

• We dance, we slide and swoop, we go upside down, roll, jump, fall and run. Both Adult and child can expect to be challenged, make friends and have a lot of fun.

• Unlike most classes for kids, the adult is as much a part of the scenario as the Little One - taking full advantage of the special adult / child bond present at this stage in a child's life

Contakids is an invitation for parents and children to play together. Contakids opens a door to us, to meet the happy, playful child we used to be.
— Itay Yatuv

Benefits of CONTAKIDS

• Bonding as parent and child ,discovering a deeper form of communication that both find enjoyable, through movement, working with the body, and physical contact.

• Children enhance and improve their motor skills and self-confidence, while parents build a bond of trust between their child and themselves.

• Children learn self-reliance and develop an independent spirit, and parents learn to interact with them as equals that they support unconditionally.