My name is Christina Theisen and I am here to support Your HEALING. Do you feel disconnected to your life? Not in touch with your Body? Has a crisis caught you? Are you ready for change?

Whatever moves you now, it may be the right time to RE-connect with yourself; with your power, your joy, your potential  - to enjoy life more.

You are welcome to ask for support in your journey. feel free to reach out, i am here to meet you.

As a CHI NEI TSANG practitioner i apply a true holistic approach. I am dedicated to help you connect with your feelings, your core, your deeper listening - essentially your nature.

First of all I studied the allopathic field of Physiotherapy in 1999. Fascinated studying the body, graduated. Being involved in the allopathic rhythm of fixing, i could only bare for a moment of my life, I found myself uncomforted  and choose better not to support this way. Studying art in London, exploring life, humans and our shared landscapes through my vision with a lens, the body, human presence and surrounds, the mirror in all remains to be a powerful source for my uncovering experience. Beauty in transition to life seems my subject. Courage and curiosities continued leading my way. I found dance as a passion and practice which catalysed my connection with (my) true nature . In motion, being in the now I explore a simple and deep journey in truth. I continued following my passions, travels and residences world wide, then Chi Nei Tsang brought me home to London, then Berlin. Now, if with dance, with presence or with Chi Nei Tsang, it's my daily practice to be stepping into Healing. And I want to share it with you.  

“Chi Ni Tsang’s power lies in working from the center toward the outside by focusing on the abdomen and the naval area. Bringing awareness to the internal organs of the body through touch and breath.”  

It’s my pleasure to be here for you, to support your healing. I believe when you are ready to show up for your situation, whether manifested physically, emotionally, or spiritually, Chi Nei Tsang can bring healing from within and support you to step into the change you wish to see in your life. You will learn the power of self-healing. So you can enjoy life better.  

As a CONTAKIDS teacher I found a method through physical movement and play that i passionately share. It’s my wish to support the growth of healthy humane relationships between children and parents for example. I wish for their cultivation of body awareness, mutual respect, trust and confidence, so all can be relating as responsible human beings. And be equipped better for life.

I work in one on one sessions, as well as hold groups.

My third passion is MOON MOMENTS, supporting young people who identify as women in their transition time from being a girl to be a woman. I hold monthly gatherings where we connect, share and nourish. This period in life is an essential transition time to cultivate confidence in body and self, empowerment, leadership, sensuality in relation to life and being. No taboos. Together we learn the enjoyment in seeking support and sharing nourishment with other young “women”.  Topics we invite into the space are trust, body celebration, responsibility, women wisdom, sexuality and interconnectedness.




What do I believe in?

  • The power of a human resides in the heart

  • Listening to the body is the most powerful source for knowledge

  • Humans need physical touch

  • Togetherness is important

  • “Play is the highest form of research.” ―Albert Einstein

  • We learn easily through play

  • Digesting emotions grants me maturity

  • Embracing responsibility, trust and commitment in all life situations has supported my flow

  • Connecting with those people who welcome and support your gift, makes attract healthy relations

  • Presence is essential for healing

  • Cyclic living is enriching

  • Hurrying is toxic

  • Practicing pace, rhythm and rituals is supportive

  • It is through challenges that i gain knowledge of myself. Facing them help me move forward for life

  • Self-care rocks and ripples healing. Taking the time for it is sweet

  • The power and inspiration of the sun. Its unconditional way of giving light, warmth and energy to all beings and everything is touching

  • Giving your gift to the community cultivates your inner support

  • Taking children seriously – they are wise in purity and nature.  Stay in touch and share feedback

  • Mutual respect towards all genders and all beings

  • Giving attention and encourage children in their discovery of sexuality

  • Living our purpose and exploring our gifts is essential no matter what others say