What is Moon Moments?

It’s a gathering, a space for young people that identify as women. We meet once a moon. It’s a time for supporting our sense of nourishing, to support the transition time that you are currently in or you are approaching. The transition from being a girl to womanhood – a new phase of your life. Transition of welcoming the crazy time you might feel, surpassing current emotions in a healthy way. A transition for receiving the changes in your body, for welcoming your sexuality. Here is a space where we share, connect, see and hear each other. It’s a space for celebration of sisterhood, for care and support in full safety for the heart to grow open. We learn together.



  • Togetherness and sharing inspires your individual empowerment

  • Coming together regularly cultivates community and each person’s individual support-system

  • Developing communication.

  • We take time to listen. And everyone gets the chance to express themselves, in their own time

  • Learning to feel and listen to your body

  • Learning to apply nourishment into your allday life, while meeting society’s modern demands

  • We learn from each other

  • The sense of belonging

  • Cultivation of individualism and bringing out your gift to this World


I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico and open to hold togetherness here. Contact me for a booking, this can be a private party, where your daughter can invite her beloved feminine friends.