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My name is Christina Theisen and I am here to support HEALING . WHATEVER you WANT TO RE-connect with, your power, your joy, your potential  - I AM HERE to help you enjoy life more.

As a CHI NEI TSANG practitioner i apply a true holistic approach. I am dedicated to help you connect with your nature.

First of all I studied the allopathic field of Physiotherapy in 1999. Graduated, being involved in their rhythm of fixing for a moment of my life, I found myself uncomfortable and couldn't support being on that way. I studied art in London, the body, presence and beauty of life was always my subject. I found dance as a practice and catalyst to connect with my nature, through motion I step into a beautiful and deep exploration of truth.  Then Chi Nei Tsang found me. Now, if with dance, presence or Chi Nei Tsang, it's my daily practice to step into Healing. 

“Chi Ni Tsang’s power lies in working from the center toward the outside by focusing on the abdomen and the naval area. Bringing awareness to the internal organs of the body through touch and breath.”  

It’s my pleasure to be here for you, to support your healing. I believe when you are ready to show up for your situation, whether manifested physically, emotionally, or spiritually, Chi Nei Tsang can bring healing from within and support you to step into the change you wish to see in your life. You will learn the power of self-healing. So you can enjoy life better.  

As a CONTAKIDS teacher I found a method through physical movement and play that i passionately share.My wish is to support the growth of healthy relationships between children and parents. I wish for their cultivation of body awareness, mutual respect, trust and confidence, so all can be relating as responsible human beings. And be equipped better for life.

I work in one on one sessions, as well as hold groups.

My third passion is MOON MOMENTS, supporting young people who identify as women in their transition time from being a girl to be a woman. I hold monthly gatherings where we connect, share and nourish. This period in life is essential to cultivate confidence in body and self, empowerment, leadership, sensuality in relation to life and being. No taboos. Together we learn the enjoyment in seeking support and sharing nourishment with other young “women”.  Topics we invite into the space are trust, body celebration, responsibility, women wisdom, sexuality and interconnectedness.



What do I believe in?

  • The power of a human resides in the heart

  • Listening to the body is the most powerful source for knowledge
  • Humans need physical touch
  • Digesting emotions grants maturity
  • Embracing and practicing responsibility, trust and commitment in life has increased my flow,  

  • Connecting with those people who welcome and support your gift, makes attract healthy relations

  • Presence is essential for Hearing

  • Cyclic living is important

  • Practicing rhythm and rituals in your day

  • It is through challenges that i gain knowledge of myself. They are gifts that help me move forward in life when facing them

  • Take time to self - care

  • The sun’s unconditional way of giving light, warmth and energy to each one and everything

  • Giving your gift to the community cultivates your inner support

  • Taking children seriously – they are wise in purity and nature.  Touch and feedback is essential

  • Giving attention and encourage children in their discovery of sexuality

  • Living our purpose and exploring our gifts is essential no matter what others say

  • Mutual respect towards all genders, all beings




Chi Nei Tsang


I had the luck and the privilege of enjoying 5 Chi Nei Tsang sessions with Christina last summer. I had just started a new job and when I met her I felt frustrated and oppressed, as I couldn't find a balance between work life and "my" life. The treatment helped me deepen my self-awareness in terms of emotional energy and body response to it. Christina showed me a path of self-love and healing that I will keep following, cherishing her wise, heartfelt advice. When I think  of the time spent together with her, I visualize a safe place of light and warmth. I can never thank her enough for how she helped me through this healing process. The way is still long, but I feel much better now.

Titiane Haton

Your doorbell should say – The most holistic practitioner Titiane has ever known. Thank you Christina, infinite thank yous. 



Sebastian, Luna und Floyd

Fühlen ist unser 5. Sinn und wahrscheinlich der Vernachlässigte. Ich glaube wir fühlen viel zu wenig, äußerlich und innerlich. Bei ContaKids habe ich gemerkt, wie sehr das Fühlen in unserem Tag zu kurz kommt. Die Stunden mit Christina sind eine Dosis Fühlen die unseren Alltag nun bereichern – eine wichtige Zutat und tolle Erinnerung diese öfter zwischendurch zu benutzen als wir es tun. Danke!

Svenja Kalitzky

Paul und mir hat die Bewegung viel Spaß gebracht und Paul hätte sich die ganze Stunde über Musik gewünscht.


ContaKids ist eine sehr intuitive Methode, um mit dem eigenen Kind in Kontakt zu kommen und Spaß in der Bewegung zu haben. Christina vermittelt das Ganze auf eine sehr authentische, zugewandte Art. Es herrscht eine sehr entspannte und freundliche Atmosphäre, in der sich alle Teilnehmer sehr wohl fühlen können. Meine Tochter und ich hatten große Freude an dem Kurs!


Als leidenschaftliche Contact-Tänzerin bin ich begeistert, mit meinem zweijährigen Sohn endlich das teilen zu können, was mir so viele freudvolle, beglückende, wohlige und intensive Stunden geschenkt hat. Zwei Dinge sind dabei wichtig: 1. Es macht ihm Spaß! Die Kinder lachen und jauchzen 45 Minuten am Stück. Die pure Freude an der Bewegung und in der Begegnung. Das sind die Momente, in denen Kinder mir Vorbild sind. 2. Er kann es genauso gut wie ich! Contact ist eine Begegnung auf echter Augenhöhe. Während wir Erwachsenen mühsam uns erinnern müssen, wie das war mit dem Drehen, Rollen, Fliegen, Aufstehen, Setzen - in organischer Weise, mit der Schwerkraft und dem Körper, nicht gegen ihn - haben die Kinder sich gleiches vor nicht allzu langer Zeit vollkommen selbstständig erarbeitet, als sie anfingen zu rollen, zu sitzen, aufzustehen. Nie werde ich vergessen, wie mein Sohn und ich quer durch den Raum rollten, einfach wieder und wieder, bis wir am anderen Ende des Raumes ankamen. Darüber hinaus schätze und genieße ich den intensiven Körperkontakt so lange ich es noch haben darf. Die Zeit vergeht so schnell.
Noch ein Nachtrag: Letztens war mein Sohn mal wieder vollkommen aufgedreht, provozierte ständig und machte nur noch Dummheiten. Schon nach 10 Minuten Contact Improvisation war er wie ausgewechselt. Er setzte sich ruhig aufs Sofa, las ein Buch und ich konnte in Ruhe das Essen weiter kochen. Hilft also auch als Kurzintervention zu Hause.



Anmeldeformular Contakids

Please fill out, sign and return the Contakids registration form to me. The questions answered can help me to prepare our classes, however are not a must . This and the payment will secure your place in the course.

Chi Nei Tsang treatment registration

Please fill out and return the Chi Nei Tsang treatment registration to me by email. This helps you to reflect and bring clarity towards your process and gives me a first insight to support you in your healing. There is time and space to add detail and elaborate in our personal meeting thereafter. 

Chi Nei Tsang Student Release Form

Please take time and care to read this prior to your Chi Nei Tsang treatment. Once you are ready for stepping into your healing please sign and send this to me by email with your registration form. 


Chi Nei Tsang


What is Chi Nei Tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang is applied Chi Kung, the Art of Abdominal Massage.  CNT is a treatment for the vital organs from the ancient Taoist system for detoxifying and rejuvenating the internal organs.

Chi Ni Tsang’s power lies in working from the center toward the outside by focusing on the abdomen and the naval area. From here we clear blockages in the body’s energy flow to start healing from within.

Chi Nei Tsang is a holistic approach to the healing touch modality.
— Gilles Marin
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Benefits of Chi Nei Tsang

Through focusing on the abdomen, Chi Nei Tsang brings about healing from within, from the center, the roots, the origin of life itself. This abdominal massage, in its modern context, works in four main ways:

  • Detoxifying. Chi Nei Tsang manipulations help relieve the body of excess stagnation. It improves elimination, stimulates the lymphatic and the circulatory systems, and strengthens the immune system’s resistance to diseases. In doing so it helps achieve optimal results in other health care modalities; for example, clients using it before and after surgery recover more quickly and easily.
  • Restructuring and strengthening. By addressing the visceral structures and positioning of internal organ, Chi Nei Tsang stimulate them, and corrects postural problems resulting from visceral imbalances and congestion in the structural pattern of fascia. It releases deep-seated tensions  and restores vitality. Chi Nei Tsang has been helpful with chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulder pains and problems related to misalignment of the feet , legs and pelvis.
  • Balancing Emotions  Unprocessed emotions are stored in the digestive system waiting to be addressed . Poor emotional digestion is one of the main reasons  for ill health. Chi Nei Tsang allows emotions to unfold , making it possible for individuals to evolve and grow. Chi Nei Tsang has been successfully used in combination with Psychotherapy
  • Bringing Self-awareness. Each of us is responsible for our own health. Several practices help receivers know themselves.  Fundamental Choi Nei Tsang self-help manipulations and techniques improve breathing. The diet and other related lifestyle matters are areas to consider improving upon. Visualisation and meditation practices enhance effects of manual treatments.