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Contakids | Oktober 2019 | 9 weeks | Mitte | Studio TBC

  • TBC Berlin - Mitte Germany (map)
Credit: Alexandra Styogantseva

Credit: Alexandra Styogantseva

if you are new to Contakids, feel welcome there is no experience you need to bring. Your keen heart, your body and your presence are enough! And the studio floor will be all ready for you to move.

Take one hour of your week and dedicate it to play and connection with your Little One. What could be more rewarding than that?

Thursdays at 16:15-17:15

Register here to secure your space

Early bird price until May 31st for all : €99

The regular price thereafter is scaled. Please choose the value of your participation. I trust your integrity.

€117 /€126 /€135

For those past students wanting to continue - well done to keep practicing - Übung macht den Meister! Your gift of gratitude is a reduction, anytime you register your fee is: €100

This course is held in german. And in English, if that’s what you need just let me know i am easy in both languages. In any case in Contakids we consider our body language as a most powerful resource to communicate. It’s a primal form of expression, a very wise one which we enjoy to practice.

Contakids is a dedicated time to bond with your child, to be physical, to be soft, to listen and feel, together. Most importantly you take the time for your own body as well and to experience and explore with it again. Our training aims for effortless moves, practice with no right or wrongs but plenty of laughter and joy! Both adult and child take a lot home!

Dates and location to be announced soon - planning is in progress.

Registration is open already

On timing

Enter: 16:00

Start on time: 16:15h

Program: 45 min + 10min free practice ,  time to ask questions and free play 

You can find more info about the method in the section Contakids.

Wear loose training clothes so you feel free to move.

No prior experience is needed for Contakids.  

Email me if you have any questions, for registration, and anything else.

I look forward to connect with you,


DURATION: 1h and 9 dates | Thursdays | Mitte | Studio TBC