I feel so lucky to breath, do you feel this too?

Noting that all of us beings alive on this planet we share this same action of breathing in and out – i find it simply wonderful! And there is something very precious and beautiful to our breath –each of our breaths is individual! 

Considering this, do we therefore hold different shapes of body? And do we walk the way we walk? Is our movement individual because we breath the way we do?  Does that mean we can activate change with our awareness to breath? 

Life starts with breath. That fact is special and it enchants me everyday – as obvious as it might be to you but personally i therefore never take breathing for granted.  Can you relate to your breath? Another fact I am fascinated about, which i think you can feel best when you take a moment to explore.  Connection comes with breath.

Chi Nei Tsang starts with breath. It's the most important tool we apply to feel. It supports and activates your healing. Breath can feel challenging but by listening and letting breath guide you, you don't need to use effort. There is no right or wrong way to breath, everybody does it best. When you give your breath attention and listen – try it – you cannot think!  That's spectacular. Let's see if that means breath can take you out of the brain and into the body. Once you start connecting with your body's information and wisdom you can explore to trust and go beyond your believes and limitations. Yes, breath is the inner bridge that connects our whole of awareness.   Wherever you go you have your breath, so here is a sweet invitation to explore: Listen to your breath, and start where you can feel your breath easiest. Observe if you can stay there for a moment. Then let your attention lead you to the next curious spot, continue exploring ... Enjoy! 

Breath follows attention, energy follows breath.

Christina Theisen