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NEW MEETING | CONTAKIDS | 14 sessions | Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg

  • Tanzfabrik 68 Möckernstraße Berlin, Berlin, 10965 Germany (map)
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Plan ahead, secure your spot, anticipate fun

Take one hour of your week and dedicate it to play and connection with your Little One. What could be more rewarding than that?!

The Contakids course is held in german or english depending on your needs. Consider your body language as a powerful resource to communicate. It’s our original expression, and a very wise form. In contact improvisation we play with the physical form of communication and built on that. Contakids time is a time to bond with your child, be physical, be soft, listen and feel, together. and most importantly you take the time for your body to experience again - we train effortlessly with plenty of laughter and joy! Both adult and child take surely a lot of goodies home as a matter of experience. Come try it for yourself.

Everybody is welcome from ~2 - 99+ years.

On timing

Enter: 10:50h

Start on time: 11:00h

Program: 45 min + 15min free practice ,  time to ask questions and free play 

the 14+ dates including when the next Taster classes are will be announced soon


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  • Bookings until 31.10.2019 pay €165

  • Bookings until 31.12.2019 pay €170

  • Bookings after this date please choose your fee depending on your income: €182/€196/ €210

 If there is anything you wonder about, feel free to get in touch

Duration: 14 weeks | 1h | Sundays | Tanzfabrik Möckernstrasse 68