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Contakids One off opportunity | SPACE | Dartington UK

  • Imago Tanzstudio Straßmannstr. 18 10249 Berlin Germany (map)

This is a one off opportunity in Devon, UK - very pleased to share the practice with the Dartington community here, share joy and care with my old beloved Britain while there is much of an identity crisis around.

Take one hour of your day and dedicate it to play and connection with your self and your little One. What could be more rewarding than that?!

Tuesday 9th April 14:30-15:30

£1-6 donation to cover the cost of space hire

Register here to secure your space

What is Contakids?

Contakids is a dedicated time to bond with your child, to be physical, to be soft, to listen and feel, together. Most importantly you take the time for your own body as well and to experience and explore with it again. Our training aims for effortless moves, practice with no right or wrongs but plenty of laughter and joy! Both adult and child take a lot home!

Come play, roll, move, dance, swing, and sway, come hop, fall, and get up again.

No plans this Tuesday at 2:30pm?
Feel welcome, form a duet with your child.
Come play. I look forward to guide you through your physical play: We are all moving, learning and growing.
Fun. Lets have some!

Where? Space Studios, Dartington Hall , Studio 6
When? Tuesday 9th April | Entrance at : 2:15pm , we start at 2:30-3:30pm
Who? A duet of a child (~2-4ys) and a grown-up ( parent, grand parent, guardian) No experience needed! Your curiosity and yourself are enough!

Register with Christina:

Please note: for the purpose of growth of the contakids community, professional photographs will be taken at this event, and of course a happy shot of your duet will be giftet to you, with gratitude!

Happy to meet you on the studio floor!
Any questions, feel free to get in touch,


On timing

Enter: 14:15

Start on time: 14:30h

Program: 45 min + 15min free practice ,  time to ask questions and free play 

The Contakids class lasts 45min + 15min open space, i am also around for possible questions.

You can find more info about the method in the section Contakids.

Wear loose training clothes so you feel free to move.

No prior experience is needed for Contakids.  

Email me if you have any questions, for registration, and anything else.

I look forward to connect with you,


DURATION: 1h | Tuesday | Dartington SPACE