Bring your own curiousity for this space. And i can assure you we will step into play, dance, roll, fall, get up, repeat, run, sway, move – all to be in connection with your self and your little other, as well as the others in the group are part of your game. We practice in movement as well as are in stillness, it’s all big fun our Contakids partnering games. You will explore a new way to be in contact and in touch with your little dancing partner, even if they not want to be in contact with you, in the moment. We practice finding ease and joy in the so familiar chaos, and overall practice to find enjoyment being in your body. We practice letting go of past and future happenings, to be in the here and now.

Contakids is a healing space for training your body awareness, getting to know your emotional worlds, bonding and relating and living out a new freedom where taking responsibility just brings joy and everyone learns so much.

The actual session is 50min, in which we practice fun physical games that will activate and equip you with many tools to play out in your daily life, to stay centered and enjoy your life even more in relationship with your child. You are always in equal partnership with your little one while we move together as a group. EMail me if you have any questions and for the registration process. Space is limited.

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Contact Improvisation for parents and child in Friedrichshain. A space to meet in movement, in touch and in play with your little dancing partner. I lead you through a program where you be in activity with your child in a group dynamic.  

Please fill out, sign and return the CONTAKIDS registration/ Contakids Anmeldeformular
 form. The questions answered can help me to prepare our classes, however are not a must . This and the payment will secure your place in the course.